Twelfth holiday with cancer

Twelfth holiday with cancer

On the other side of my twelfth holiday season since being diagnosed with cancer,  I can say that this one was my best yet. Part of this definitely comes from hosting 16 people for Christmas dinner at our house; carving my first Christmas turkey; and, for the first time in my life, not leaving the house on Christmas day. But the majority comes from my two little and amazing girls, Adia and Mira.

Eleven years ago, I would never have said I’d be a dad to two amazing little girls, but they are the focal points of my life and, by default, my holidays.

While they represent the most significant change in my life, I can say that so many of the experiences I wrote about in my last blog have remained a fixture of my December rituals. This year, Mother Nature’s even provided those “big fluffy flakes” of snow on Christmas Eve.

My holidays continue to be different, deeper, slower, more meaningful, and still very much full of magic. And while the energy and emotions have a slightly different presence, there still remains a part of me that wonders if I’ll be here for the next holiday season. For me, and over 6,500 young adults diagnosed with cancer this year, it will be a resolution to which we will commit everything.

You can make a difference in the cancer journey of my survivor peers. Your donation to Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) will help provide crucial support events to young adults with cancer in Canada such as Retreat Yourself and the Survivor Conference.

Make your donation today for our Holiday Appeal. Your donation will help YACC help the young adults in Canada who are living with cancer, or the 18 more diagnosed every single day.

If you have already made your donation to our Holiday Appeal, endless thanks to you. If you have not, it is not too late. All gifts will be welcomed, and very much appreciated. The important thing is to respond today.

Watch our holiday appeal video to see the faces of some of the young adults who will be directly helped by your donation. Thank you, and please allow us to extend our very best wishes for a very happy, healthy, and prosperous 2010!

Live life. Love life.


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