We Get It: A chat with Bonnie and Peter

We Get It: A chat with Bonnie and Peter


In this week’s episode of We Get It, Karine chats with Peter Bovolaneas and Bonnie Lum, both long time alumni of YACC, on what it means to “grow old” in the cancer community.

Bonnie (she/her)                 

Longtime YACCer who enjoys arts and crafts, crochet, travelling, and dancing. She is a software development professional residing in downtown Toronto.   

Diagnosis: Composite 95 per cent Non-Hodgkin’s and five per cent Hodgkin’s Lymphoma   

Age at diagnosis: 29 

Province: ON       

Superpower: Impeccable instincts    

Instagram: @dancingbonbon


Peter (he/him)      

Member of YACC since 2008, original co-leader for Localife Toronto, advocate for Testicular Cancer awareness with a “Captain America” attitude of taking everything head on!

Diagnosis: Testicular cancer – 2×26  

Province: ON       

Superpower: Perception and attitude           

Instagram: @peterlaneas    


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