We Get It: A chat with Zoe Ho

We Get It: A chat with Zoe Ho

Zoe Ho, diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at 36 (she/her)

Zoe Ho is embraces life in all of its multiplicity, bringing to you the joy of embodied self-expression through the disciplines of Embodied Mindfulness Yoga Therapy (ERYT-500, PRYT 600) and art (creative writing, ceramics, film).

Born in Hong Kong, Zoe’s worldview experienced a paradigm shift when she moved to the Western Arctic of Canada to work in TV and print communications for the Inuit. Immersed in the Inuit perspective, she was profoundly moved by their kindness, and striving to stay connected to their rich but eroding language and culture. Over time she transitioned to yoga and yoga therapy as it was a means to meet deeply in our common humanity.

Zoe was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) at the age of 36 and it became a turning point where she felt even deeper the struggles we all share, and sought ways to remain inspired and in wonder, discovering the beauty within and embracing our wholeness, even in the face of challenge. Since 2010, Zoe has taught embodied mindfulness yoga workshops and classes internationally. Today she shares self-love and compassion-based strategies with an infectious sense of humour and tenderness, encouraging you to rediscover home within, and the wonder of being alive.

Her award-wining short film, Cacti and Weed (2020), was inspired by her personal story as a cancer survivor and first-generation immigrant. Cacti and Weed is Zoe’s first venture into directing, while also producing, writing and acting in the lead role of Ella. We it will spark conversations on the nuances, conflict and love when East meets West, and that with humour we can explore together the intersectionality of colonialism, intergenerational and cultural gaps.

Superpower: INNER JOY. I see the ludicrous in the serious, and light when it is super dark!

Instagram: @republicofyoga@zoehoism@taochiceramics

Facebook: Republic of Yoga

Website: www.republicofyoga.org

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