We will do better.

We will do better.

Thanks to some courageous messages from YACCers, I am aware of some of the pain and disconnection felt by people of colour who are, or were, members of YACC’s community.

Those messages have sparked an internal reflection, for me personally and for YACC, and they have prompted a commitment to learn, listen, and do better. To all the Black, Indigenous and people of colour dealing with cancer, I am sorry. We are sorry.

I have moved on from a fear of saying the wrong thing — thus I said nothing — to a belief that speaking from my heart and saying something is much more helpful.

YACC has begun conversations about race and how YACCers of colour experience our community. These conversations and our own learning are the foundation on which we will build a new path forward, together.

The word “every” means a lot to YACC and we are committed to ensuring it authentically means “every colour” just as it does “every stage” and “every cancer.”

– Geoff

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