Wedding donations: A no brainer!

Wedding donations: A no brainer!

I am getting married in less than three weeks (17 days to be exact!). With my best friend’s wedding this past weekend, and a wonderful retreat full of young adult survivors and supporters to attend this week in Vancouver (aka Retreat Yourself West), the big day is fast approaching!

When I think about it, I realize that there are some things that are not done and there are some things that will never get done, but the most important things have been taken care of. We have a judge, a reception hall, and a band so worst comes to worse, we will get married, eat, and dance. That is the main thing and really, that isn’t bad at all!

Of all the decisions that had to be made in the course of this year, the gift to our guests was the easiest. I have attended many weddings where the bride and groom gave their guests beautiful and well thought-out gifts. Most of these gifts were very personal; I once received a tree to plant from a forestry student and my best friend gave candy apples (she is a teacher, so this spoke very close to her heart). This was what I wanted, to share with my guests something that was close to me and my husband-to-be (Ken).

So the decision was easy. We decided to share with our guests a huge part of our lives. It is a gift that was given to me almost three years ago now, the gift of Young Adult Cancer Canada. I have been truly blessed to be working in such a rewarding and life changing job for the past three years that I wanted to share it with those that are special to us. So Ken and I decided that we would make a donation to Young Adult Cancer Canada on behalf of our guests.

Being the current Managing Director and the past Director of Programs, I know exactly where the money goes. It goes to help young adults dealing with cancer. It connects them to valuable support and inspiration to help them in their journey.

I am about to take part in one of the biggest days of my life and I am so happy to share it with a very important thing in my life: you; the young adults out there in our family.

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