Welcome to Survivor Conference: 20/20!

Welcome to Survivor Conference: 20/20!

I’m Lesley Morrissey, the community engagement manager at YACC. I am responsible for all logistical details of the Survivor Conference, including hotels, flights, food, etc. As we get closer to the event, you will see more communications from me. Please make sure you take the time to read them all as they will each have important information contained in them that you will need to know.

My colleague, and YACC’s program director, Karine, is responsible for the program elements and she is excited to share more details on the program with you in the coming weeks.

From our registration stats, it looks like over half of you are new to the conference, so I wanted to share with you few posts from a previous year so you can get a feel for the weekend.

Secondly, and most importantly for this specific email, is financial assistance applications. Those of you who indicated you would need some financial support to attend the conference have all been sent the link to the online form, however only a fraction of you have completed it. Here is the link again. We have a limited budget for this and we need to ensure we have enough to help everyone that needs it

Please complete this form by Friday, March 7. After this date, we cannot guarantee there will be money in the assistance budget to help.

For any of you who did not originally ask for financial assistance, but now feel your situation has changed and you need it, please complete this same form by March 7 as well.

I am currently communicating with over 100 of you on a very regular basis. As you can imagine, emails from 100+ people can fill up one’s inbox quite quickly, which means it can sometimes take longer than I would like to reply to people. To make this easier for everyone, I have created a very extensive FAQ page that should be able to answer almost all of your questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question there, shoot me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Also, here are a couple of general reminders:

Last, but not least, if something has come up and you no longer think you can make the event, please let me know as soon as possible. We have started a wait list, and the sooner we can confirm these individuals, the more time they will have to plan and book their travel.

Share, support, and inspire,


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