What being a YACCtivist did for me

What being a YACCtivist did for me

By Jennifer MacKenzie

Going on this cancer journey in my mid-30s changed my life in many ways. I had fears I never knew I could, I had anxiety I never had before, and I had anger. I was lost. Life was flip flopped upside down from one day to the next.

And then I found Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) and a community of people who got it. I cannot express my gratitude for finding this group which brought many life-changing relationships and adventures.

When the opportunity came up a couple of years ago to be a YACCtivist, I knew I had to try and give back a little of what I had received from this organization. I was ready to focus energy on something else now that I felt I was on the mend. They never pushed you, they understand life is not always perfect, and most of all, they get you. This program is full of positives. If you have the chance to be a part of it, know it comes with many perks and is understanding of everyone’s situation. Go for it! You won’t regret it.

I am forever grateful to YACC. For getting me, for helping fix me, and for accepting me. Find people who get it, it is my number one advice, and be kind to yourself. This is a journey, not a race, there are no time limits to recovery.

Keep doing what you are doing, we need you! From the bottom of my heart. Thank you YACC.

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