Where will Young Adult Cancer Canada be in 2030?

Where will Young Adult Cancer Canada be in 2030?

As the go-to guy for most of the stuff we do on the web, I tend to see a pretty broad spectrum of what Young Adult Cancer Canada does.

But, even still, I don’t really get more than a passing glimpse into the reason why we’re here: the support programs we deliver at our Retreats, Conferences, and other events coast to coast.

This past week, all of the office team (including our latest addition in Calgary, Mike Lang) got together at board Chair (and challenger extraordinary) Brian Vallis’s cabin outside St. John’s, NL.


We spent two full days focused on figuring out what’s important to helping Young Adult Cancer Canada achieve its mission, and related, how we can make the Shave for the Brave (our largest fundraiser) even balder while bringing it coast to coast, too.

We also talked quite a bit about one of our newer initiatives: Survivor in Action. While all the details aren’t fully fleshed out yet, the broad strokes are, and in the process, I got a whole lot more insight into the purpose side of what we do.

Mike Lang, in addition to being the guy on the ground on the western side of the country, is also a cancer survivor and program alumni. Together with Karine, Lesley, and Geoff’s insights into what our programs mean to Young Adult Cancer survivors, I think we all gained a bigger appreciation for the impact of what we do.

We also took the chance to chow down on some rather tasty food. Here’s hoping we can live up to what we all envision Young Adult Cancer might become. To YACC in 2030! Or better still, YACC in 2010!

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