YACC attendance at CCAN meeting

YACC attendance at CCAN meeting

So some of you had probably seen on my Facebook status on Friday that I was going to Toronto, for meetings over the weekend to represent the young adult voice at the Canadian Cancer Action Network (CCAN) table. Well, I thought I would write a little about my experience and what CCAN is all about.

CCAN works with federal and provincial decision makers to ensure a national system that optimizes care and treatment outcomes through all phases of the cancer control continuum from prevention through treatment and palliation.

CCAN is made up of Canada’s leading cancer patient organizations and represents the patient’s voice to help build and sustain a cancer control model that is successful as possible in combating cancer.

Young Adult Cancer Canada was invited to join CCAN over the winter and I attended my first meeting with them in Toronto this weekend. Now, I have attended many meetings, conferences, committees, etc. since being thrown into this cancer world and they all have varying levels of sincere concern, personal agendas, and bureaucracy which I don’t condemn.

MY personal agenda is to push the young adult voice forward, so I know others are responsible for pushing their own agendas. However, I have to say, that through Friday night and Saturday this committee fully had the patients/survivors top of mind. There was less “this is what I need you to do for me” and more “how can we work together to make sure all of our patients/survivors are taken care of?” This was a very refreshing situation to be a part of.

There was complete acceptance of YACC’s involvement and sincere concern/interest in our unique issues. Even those that were not fully aware of the unique issues of young adult cancer patients/survivors were very open and interested in hearing more.

This past weekend was just my first experience with CCAN, so I am still feeling the waters and learning more about the group but my first experience was a good one. I feel that this group truly has the patient/survivor agenda top of mind and they are doing a good job of representing them at the federal level. I am looking forward to working more with this group and having our unique issues heard.

For more information on CCAN please visit their website

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