YACC welcomes a great Office Assistant

YACC welcomes a great Office Assistant

We’ve recently hired a student from Memorial University to help out around the office. Goodness knows we’ve had a to do list probably the length of all of our arms combined, and we’re so pleased that Janine Wilson is going to help us scratch some very important things off this list.

For starters, donors for this year’s Shave for the Brave will be receiving their tax receipts much more promptly than last year! I have tried my best in the past to get these out ASAP but with the steady success of the event, this process has moved beyond a one-person job, and that’s a good thing!

Janine will also be helping out with some other important data-entry and research projects, which will contribute to the overall efficiency of the office. We think she’ll be a super member of our team here at YACC and look forward to getting to know her better! No doubt that on her second day she already knows us well enough to know how crazy we are.

Now, we may be out a lunch room after we hire our senior Fund Development person, the next big move in the books, but that’s just the kind of sacrifice we’re willing to make as we grow our operations and continue to build on our already stellar office crew (if we do say so ourselves!).

Exciting times!

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