YACC’s 2014 gift guide

YACC’s 2014 gift guide


We expect all of our gift recommendations to get a reaction like this^


Hanukkah is just getting started, Christmas is around the bend, and then we’ll say sayonara to all that was 2014 while holding on to some of the treasures we acquire over the next few weeks. Some of us at YACC HQ are definitely those last-minute shoppers you hear so much about, and we’re willing to bet we’re not alone, so we’re here with some ideas to help you find great gifts for young adults affected by cancer and caregivers alike!

The thing is, aside from a few not-always-so-obvious differences, those in the YACC community are just like many other young adults you know. Trust your judgement, and we’re sure they’ll love whatever you choose! [Editor’s note: This is not a sponsored post; we would love anything on this list, and thought you might, too!]

  1. Tickets to a concert, festival, game, or event. Who doesn’t love to be entertained and take in as much of our favourite things as possible while hanging around other cool people who like doing those things, too? Cancer doesn’t change that, as Geoff admitted in this post about how he put it all on the line after his first transplant to see John Mellencamp live, so snap up those seats!
  2. A notebook — bonus points for awesome pens! And extra bonus points if you sneak in some notes for the recipient to find along the way! Obviously, notebooks can be used for a million things, but there’s a lot to be said for journalling. Shali held a workshop on journalling at the 2014 Survivor Conference, and part of her presentation talked about the benefits of writing regularly such as improved immune system functionality, and a feeling of greater psychological well-being. Check out her slides to learn more about reasons why everyone should try it, tips for success, and different methods to try!
  3. A cleaning service. Who has time to clean the house? Maybe your friend is tuckered out from treatment, maybe they have just gone back to work, or perhaps they’re always watching their sister’s kids while she’s at an appointment. Give them the afternoon off!
  4. A day in. We love a good, old-fashioned leisure day. Grab a few seasons of that show or some movies your friend just hasn’t gotten around to watching yet, or get an iTunes gift card to let them indulge in some guilt-free downloads. Maybe pick up some living room-friendly snacks, get any kids (or pets) out of their hair for a few hours, and just take it easy. Want more? You can’t go wrong with a hot water bottle; some soft socks; new PJs; and a favourite beverage because whether it’s a 12-year-old scotch, a geekalicious blend from Adagio Teas, or a flat of Pineapple Crush, nothing says “I care” like a comforting beverage.
  5. One of these t-shirts. Long-time YACCer Travis Gobeil launched his line of “cancer sucks” t-shirts at Helper-T Sales last year, and they have become the unofficial uniform of the YACC family. Get one before they’re all gone!
  6. A domain name. They can start a blog about having cancer, or supporting someone who does; launch their own t-shirt shop; set up a foundation — whatever! Cancer has been the catalyst for a lot of people we know to start that project, become an advocate, or share some stories. A nice, tidy domain name can really help the process!
  7. A tasty meal. Get a gift certificate to a restaurant they have been wanting to try out, or a favourite place that delivers. If your pals have recently changed their diets, get a cook book and a grocery gift card to try out a few new nibbles.
  8. A membership for an audio book service like Audible. There are appointments to get to, and to wait for. Stress and scanxiety can make everyone a little more tired than usual, and reading can fall to the wayside. It could be that your friend loves to read, but treatment has affected their ability to dive into a good book like they used to. Get a subscription for a few months or a year to help them keep up with the latest titles.
  9. A fresh style. Whether your gift recipient is losing their hair, growing it back, long overdue for a trim, or ready for a new look, a trip to the salon can be just the ticket to get over a hump and tackle a new phase!
  10. A YACC calendar! Duh! The large calendar blocks make it easy to track appointments, shifts, dates, etc., and we have gone ahead and printed our program dates right in the months so you’ll always know which events are coming up. Each calendar sold will make it a little easier for us to offer programs and services for young adults dealing with cancer in Canada in the new year. Order one (or five) today!

We hope that helps get some of you with the last of your list! Head over to Facebook or Twitter to tell us your recommendations!

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