YACCtivist: Dani Taylor

YACCtivist: Dani Taylor

When I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at the age of 23, I had no idea what that would mean for me. I learned to navigate fertility preservation, chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, ostomies, and all the ins and outs of cancer treatment, but I wasn’t prepared for the confusing world of survivorship.

I came to Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) about six months after finishing treatment. My first YACC event, Retreat Yourself, helped me to learn that my feelings of isolation and anxiety were actually super normal. YACC built me up and healed me through its programs, and now I have a new career in psychosocial oncology because of their support.

Being a YACCtivist is an opportunity to make sure everyone has the same chance I was given by YACC. As a YACCtivist, I’m going to try to eradicate waitlists for YACC programs and raise our organization’s capacity. As a YACCtivist, I’m going to #findthe21 of the other 22 young adults diagnosed with cancer that don’t hear about YACC — you should join me!

Diagnosis: Colorectal cancer

Age at diagnosis: 23

Province: ON

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