YACCtivist: Jennifer MacKenzie

YACCtivist: Jennifer MacKenzie

When I was given the fight of my life, I went in and fought through chemo, surgeries, and everything else that comes with being a young adult faced with cancer. I felt so much love and support! I wasn’t ready for round two: the emotional recovery from the battle. I felt the support and understanding faded away after the round people could actually see.

After surviving the physical fight and thinking it was over, life goes on. I hit a wall and I needed support; I was in a dark place. I fought to live, but had no idea how to do it. I found support in a loving, understanding community through YACC. People got it! I was not crazy!

Being a YACCtivist is going to give me a platform to tell my story and educate people on understanding the mental recovery that comes after treatment. Being a YACCtivist is going to help me help others not be, or feel, alone. We’ve got your back!

Diagnosis: Breast cancer

Age at diagnosis: 35

Province: QC


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