YACCtivist: Jennifer Ryan

YACCtivist: Jennifer Ryan

My thyroid cancer was found incidentally through a body scan for an unrelated issue. I was 32 at the time with three small children, a loving husband, and a full time teaching career. My “good cancer” required two surgeries, radioactive iodione treatment, months of debilitating fatigue, destroyed parathyroid glands, and weekly blood work.

I was lucky to find YACC shorty after my second surgery and attended Survivor Conference 2017. I really enjoyed this experience and wanted more. I attended Retreat Yourself Adventure the following fall, several Localife events and the latest Survivor Conference in Ontario. YACC has given me a community of friends who “get it” and I look forward to every opportunity to get together with them. It has provided a bank of tools to help me personally in my day-to-day life such as writing as therapy, mindfulness practices, art therapy, and general self-care.

I became a YACCtivist to help spread awareness of this organization, to reach more young adults dealing with a cancer diagnosis, and let them know they do not have to feel isolated. YACC is a community of survivors that have many opportunities to get together throughout the year to support one another as we navigate new territory post cancer diagnosis.

Diagnosis: Papillary thyroid cancer

Age at diagnosis: 32

Province: NL


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